• Optimum grain quality
  • Energy efficient
  • Modular design
  • Uniform drying


Continuous Mixed-Flow Dryers are used for drying commodities such as corn, wheat, soybeans, and rice, with a reputation for durability, energy efficienent operation, dependable performance and advanced technology.


Continuous Mixed-Flow Dryers


Preserves grain quality

The Continuous Mixed-Flow technology dries grain uniformly with uniform outlet grain moistures. This results in grain of higher quality, improved test weight, and better storability.

Rather than the conventional screen drying method, grain is gravitationally separated and continually mixed as it cascades and gently tumbles around honeycombed ducts. The larger holding capacity results in grain being heated at a slower rate which reduces the likelihood of grain cracking due to stress. The longer exposure of the heated air to the grain results in air exhausting with a higher moisture saturation.

Greater energy efficiency

Caldwell Mixed-Flow Dryers provide 40-45 CFM (67.9 - 76.4 m3/h) of air per bushel compared to 80-100 CFM (135.9 - 169.9 m3/h) of air per bushel with conventional cross-flow dryers.

Fan-under Mixed-Flow dryers

The fan under Continuous Mixed-Flow Dryers offer capacities of 1,150 - 7,000 BPH (34.5 mtph - 210.2 mtph) using 5 point moisture removal dry and cool.


Maxon Burners

Fuel efficient Maxon Burners accept propane or natural gas. Single burner, gas train and ignition are standard on all models.


Easier to install and operate

Modular design

Modular construction allows for the sections to be delivered in stages, and offers attractive time and cost saving assembly.


Conveyance unload system

Caldwell Mixed-Flow Dryers are unloaded by twin drag conveyors (one per column) and powered by a single drive.


Dryer Options:

Dryer Master - DM510

With the Caldwell Continuous Mixed-Flow Dryer and Dryer Master's® grain moisture technologies, the guesswork of drying is eliminated. The dryer reacts to varying grain moisture content entering the dryer to hold the desired discharge moisture content.


Remote Touch Screen Control Panel

The interactive control panel allows for ease of operation. Have the visibility and functionality of the dryer in one place.


Remote Monitoring

Get the availability to monitor and control your Caldwell dryer from your cellular device or computer.


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