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The Chief CD Continuous Mixed Flow Dryer

  • Custom-designed to your unique needs
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Efficient, reliable commodity drying throughout the world

Why the Chief CD Continuous Mixed Flow Dryer is Used Around the World!

With standard dryer capacities ranging from 355 to 11,340 bushels/hour, Chief CD Dryers are used for a wide variety of commodities including wheat, corn, rice, coffee, cocoa and more. The requirements of your dryer will be carefully assessed, assuring you of operation regardless of most environmental conditions, including extreme climates.

Continuous Flow Dryer.png
Commercial CD Dryer.png

Consistent Uniform Airflow

Chief CD Dryers assure even temperature and airflow for optimum drying results

Touchscreen Operation

PLC is individually programmed for each specific installation to control both the dryer and auxiliary equipment on the grain facility, such as gates, conveyors, and elevators.

Reduced Maintenance

Chief CD Dryers requires minimal cleaning and maintenance resulting from its 'clean' design inside and out.

Built for Years of Continuous Use

Chief CD Dryers are constructed of high-quality galvanized steel, with its exterior covered in painted galvanized sheeting to add many years of dependable service. All components are engineered for maximum longevity.

Easy Installation

Chief CD Dryers are shipped in preassembled modular units and feature completely bolted construction.

Environmentally Considerate

our team of dryer experts will carefully consider the environmental concerns of your specific locality, including the height, noise, dust, color or air quality.

Control Panel

  • Schneider touch screen HMI as standard
  • 12" standard screen size
  • Schneider visual control equipment
  • Maximum visualization
  • Multi-lingual
  • Options
    • 15" premium screen
    • Modem for text
    • Remote monitoring
    • Control of complete grain facility
    • Integrated Dryer Master 510
Control Panel.png
Control Panel 2.png


Installation is easy thanks to the Chief CD Dryer's preassembled modular components.
  • All bolted construction
  • CAD build drawings for each dryer
  • Solidworks 3D illustrated installation instructions
  • Worldwide multi-lingual installation engineers
Install 1.png
Install 2.png
Install 3.png
Install 4.png


  • Painted galvanized sheeting
  • 40 year paint warranty
  • Color to customer's preference
  • Hot air column thermally insulated

Cladding Color Options:

Screenshot (9).png
Cladding 2.png

Burners & Firing


  • Fully modulating gas burners including gas trains to provide the most efficient air-fuel mixture


  • Direct within high-grade stainless sheet combustion chambers


  • Standard high-efficiency axial fans
  • Vertical or horizontal
  • Standard silencing to 80dBA @ 3.28'
  • Additional silencing available
  • Options
    • Variable speed
    • Dust collection fans


  • Full width pneumatic pulse action
  • Including compressor as standard
fan 2.png

Dryer Without Heat Recovery Chart

Dryer Chart.png
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