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For an Exceptional Value, Chief Commercial Hopper Tanks are the Smart Choice!

Commerical hopper tanks from Chief Agri Division offer the same ease of installation and unparalleled strength found in the Chief commercial grain bin line. Engineered from the highest quality materials, they provide the long term reliability and satisfaction youve come to expect from Chief. 

  • The exclusive Chief exterior “W” stiffener is almost twice as strong as the closest competing stiffener.
  • Chief commercial hopper tanks utilize a standard painted or optional hot dipped galvanized substructure with welded legs and ring beams. A “Super Structure” is available for use in drive-under applications.
  • G140 (450 g/m2) galvanized coating is standard on all roof panels, sidewalls and stiffeners for superior corrosion resistance.
  • Utilizing a four panel per sidewall sheet design, the "V" rib roof provides standard peak load capacities of 3000 to 7500 lbs. (1364 to 3409 kg.).
  • A 45º bottom hopper cone and a 16" (40.64 cm) discharge opening are standard with Chief commercial hopper tanks. 
  • Chief hopper tanks are backed by a 5 year limited warranty and one of the strongest names in the industry!

Medium Duty Hopper Tank

Standard V-Rib Roof Design

Chief's V-Rib roof design uses over 30% more ribs than leading competitors, providing a cover of exceptional strength for smaller bins without a structured roof.


Hopper panels are attached directly to the sidewall sheets. 
Round head bolts used on the hopper seams to minimize material hang up.
Hopper sheet horizontal seams have an offset to minimize material hang up.
Optional hopper access door available.
Compression Ring.png
Built in Compression Ring Installed on MDHT 5, 6, & 7 Above 6 Rings Tall.


Utilize strength of Chief's W stiffener 3 legs per sidewall sheet for MDHT 5, 6, & 7 models. Legs are attached with grade 8, 7/16" (11.11mm) hardware. Formed angle bracing for hopper and leg support.


Chief's standard sidewall sheets are 116.625" (2962.275 mm) long, which provides more capacity when compared to a bin with 112.5" (2857.5 mm) long sheets. Chief's 4.7" (119.38 mm) wide corrugation minimizes material hang up on the walls.
Chief's 42.5" (1079.5 mm) tall sheets require less fasteners compared to 32" (812.8 mm) tall sheets. All Chief vertical sidewall seams have two full rows of fasteners allowing for better sealing.
Sheets with up to 70 ksi tensile strength steel. G115 (350 g/m2) galvanizing for stiffener and sidewall sheets and G140 (450 g/m2) roof sheet galvanizing.
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