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Chief Horizontal Conveyors Offer Maximum Flexibility!

Galvanized For Superior Corrosion Resistance

Chief horizontal chain conveyors come standard with fully galvanized intermediate sections and can be customized to your application by combining exterior gauging, liners, chain types, sprocket options, paddles and speed requirements. By using components fabricated to exacting specifications, your Chief chain conveyor will be easy to assemble and provide long lasting service.
For optimum longevity Chief offers fully galvanized material handling systems to withstand the most corrosive conditions. All components feature rugged construction and are designed for easy maintenance.

  • Idler return systems are used for smaller conveyors; rail returns are standard on 21" (533.4mm) and wider conveyors. Optional AR lined rails available for high use conveyors.
  • For easy maintenance the bolt-on panel removes easily to lift out the shaft, bearings and sprocket as one unit.
  • Intermediate seams have bolted connections with staggered bottoms to provide a secure joint without the need for welding. The result is a strong connection with superior corrosion resistance.
  • Reversing conveyors are available with carry back cups for full conveyor clean out.
  • Standard horizontal conveyors have chain take-up adjustment installed at the tail end unless requested to be installed at the driven end.
  • Fixed ends and take-ups are powder coated for conveyors that are taller than 15" (381mm) standardly.
  • Telescoping take-up system uses a simple threaded rod for easy adjustment and secure locking.
  • Chief's unique broad-throat opening between the start of the discharge and the sprocket allows for unobstructed discharge.
  • All Conveyors are shipped with required covers.
Horizontal Conveyors.png
Idler return System 2.png
Idler return System.png

Idler Return System

Telescope Take Up System.png

Telescope Take-Up System

broad throat opening.png

Broad-Throat Opening

Chief's Dependable Chain/Sprocket Combinations

Our Materials & Engineering make the difference.

Chief offers three standard chain/sprocket combinations
  • 81x & 81x HD
    • 2.61" (66.29mm) steel brushing roller chain comes with self-cleaning open barrel bushings to reduce material build up and prevent freezing. Cast iron sprockets are standard. Cut steel and split sprockets are available.​
  • WH124
    • 4.0" (101.6mm) welded steel chain is induction hardened for long life and is assembled with press fit pins for installation and maintenance. Hardened flame cut split sprockets are standard.​
  • WH132
    • 6.0" (152.40mm) welded steel chain has a high working load for high capacity and long lengths in heavy duty en masse chain conveyors. Hardened flame cut split sprockets are standard.​

Conveyor choices include AR lining to improve equipment life span in high use and abrasive environments. Side lining options include AR250 in 10ga, 7ga with 1/4" thickness. Bottom lining options include 7ga with 1/4" and 3/8" thickness. Other options in AR400 are available upon request.

Drive packages are available in Class I, II, or III with drives mounted standard on the left-hand side. Optional right-hand drives can be specified at the time or order.

Option for direct drive available upon request.

TEFC motors are standard. Explosion proof motors are available for use in enclosed areas or other hazardous locations.

Chief recommends installation of a shock relay to shut down the conveyor and connecting equipment in the event something becomes lodged in the conveyor.

Standard paddles are constructed of UHMW plastic. Depending on the application, nylon paddles are available.

Three Standard Chain Combinations

Three Standard Sprocket Combinations

Standard Paddles

Chief Incline Conveyors Offer Flexibility & Reliability

For Difficult Pit Installation Problems, Chief Horizontal Incline Conveyers Offer The Solution!

These can be installed in shallow pits or used in above-grade installations with elevated driveways. As with the horizontal chain conveyors, these models offer unparalleled flexibility and dependability.

All Chief incline conveyors come with large profiles UHMW paddles, standard fixed center shroud or an optional adjustable center shroud. Dump hoppers are standardly 4' (1219.2mm) wide and come in lengths of 2' (609.6mm), 4' (1219.22mm), 6' (1828.8mm), 8' (2438.4mm), and 10' (3048mm).


  • Large profile UHMW paddles convey material in a center pan divided flow trough. Take-ups are located at the discharge end for easy maintenance.
  • *Options for virgin UHMW paddles are available
  • The tail section features a 45 Degree sloped back panel to eliminate excessive material buildup and clean-out.
  • An innovative, optional and adjustable telescoping center shroud controls material flow and can be user-adjusted depending upon grain conditions.
  • Conveyors can be ordered with standard length or a shortened space-saving tail end.
  • Standard incline conveyors have chain take-up adjustment installed at the driven end unless requested to be installed at the tail end.
Incline conveyor.png
Center pan.png

Center Pan Divided Flow Trough W/ Large Profile UHMW Paddles

tail section.png

Tail Section W/ a 45 Degree Sloped Back Panel

Center Shroud.png
Center shroud 2.png

Center Shroud

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