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It's Not an Ordinary Auger.... It's a Westfield

  • X10: 63', 73', and 83' Up to 6,600 BPH

  • X13: 74', 84' and 94' Up to 11,000 BPH

The X Series is the latest addition to the AGI Westfield Portable Handling Line. With a precision engineered, commercial strength, scissor-lift frame and low-profile hopper, the X Series offers unmatched serviceability and X-treme durability.



The X Series features a powder coat paint to protect the finish and reduce rusting overtime. Wear Edge Technology has been added to the flighting at critical wear points giving an extra layer of steel that is welded to the edge of the flighting, so it lasts longer and needs to be replaced less often.


The X Series uses square, one-bolt flight connections to ensure the flighting maintains proper alignment for smooth operation. The upper flight thrust adjuster equalizes the pressure between the upper and lower bearings during operation. This extends the life of the lower boot bearing. The CV PTO reduces vibration and provides maximum power transfer to the auger in order to maintain the life of the unit without sacrificing capacity. the large boot and tapered boot flight maximize auger capacity at all angles by efficiently channeling grain from the hoper to the auger.


The removable slip-on boot flight uses Wear Edge Technology and can be quickly replaced without having to remove and replace the entire lower flight. The X Series features six easily accessible service points to allow for quick maintenance for U-joints, chains, bearings, and gearboxes. The U-joint end caps have external grease zerks, making it easy to service and maintain. Tool-free inspection areas include, the hopper chain cover, neck transition, boot clean-out and swing head cover. The large clean-out, service points, and access panels allow for fast and efficient auger cleaning and servicing.


  • Powder Coat Paint: AGI Westfield uses a premium powder coat on all painted parts for durability and a great looking finish that lasts and repels rust.

  • Grease Zerks: External grease serks on all U-joints for ease-of-maintenance.

  • Wear Edge Technology: Continuous 10-guage steel is welded to flighting edge where most of the wear occurs to extend the life of the flighting. Standard on all AGI augers at critical grain transfer points, including the hopper, boot, and incline flight.

  • Tapered Boot: The large boot and tapered boot flight maximize auger capacity at all angles by efficiently channeling grain from the hopper into the auger.

  • Square Flight Connection: Square one-bolt flight connections provide improved performance through positive torque transfer.

  • Trussing & Frame: The X Series uses a scissor lift frame with cross members to maximize reach and reduce swaying, keeping the auger in place once it has been positioned at the bin. Heavy-duty cable trussing is used on smaller models. However, for longer, heavier models, AGI Westfield uses commercial strength steel trussing. Trussing acts like the backbone of the auger and keeps the tube and flighting aligned, making set up at the bin easy

  • Hopper + Hopper Lift Arm: The low-profile hopper features left and right hand flighting to pull grain toward the center of the hopper so it flows efficiently up into the tapered boot - maximizing capacity and minimizing unload time. The 6" rubber extension along the edge of the hopper prevents grain from splashing. The hopper lift arm and hopper can be positioned on the left or right hand side of the auger, offering the convenience of unloading from either side.

Optional Features

  • Hopper Options: A hydraulic or remote Power Swing is available for the X10 and X13. The Gulp2 drive over hopper is available for the X13. Also available for the X13 is the X-Tend, a retracting swing auger.

  • Hydraulic Hopper Winch: The hydraulic hopper winch allows the user to raise and lower the auger with ease.

  • Working Light Kits: When the sun goes down, LED working lights provide enhanced lighting conditions at the hopper, axle, and tube discharge to bin.

  • Right Angle Drive: When working in a small space, the right-angle drive allows the auger to be positioned at a 90-degree angle from the truck.

  • Reducer-Reverser: Required for 1,000 RPM tractors to reduce the speed to 540 RPM required for an Auger. The reversing feature allows the flight direction to be reversed for quick and easy clean-out, saving time when moving from one commodity to the next. The reverser kit is also available on its own, without the speed reducer.

Power Swing

Hydraulic & Electric Remote

Hydraulic Hopper Winch

Get the job done faster with AGI Westfield's newly designed Power Swing. Available in 12V Electric or Hydraulic drive and features.

  • Two-wheel drive design and large lug tires for maximum traction and balance

  • Mounts easily to X Series low profile hopper

  • Minimal heigh adjustment needed when using different heights

  • Redesigned scissor lift to adjust wheel traction

Hydraulic Power Swing

  • Hydraulic drive moves the swing hopper

  • Convenient tube mounted control valve

  • Complete with Hydraulic hoses

Remote 12V Electric Power Swing

  • Heavy-duty 12V motor

  • Position hopper from cab of truck

  • Large "easy grip" remote


X13 Up to 11,000 BPH | 74' - 94'

Drive Over Hopper

The Gulp2 transports with your X13 auger and is easy to deploy, without having to detach or reposition multiple pieces of equipment. The Gulp2 has a drive over height of 4.5" and a large catchment area. The Gulp2 is designed to match the X13 auger capacity. The Gulp2 features precise placement at your fingertips. In most cases you only need to get out of your truck once for unloading. The hydraulically controlled power swing raises, lowers, and positions the Gulp2 with minimal time and energy. The system comes fully integrated and ready to use.

Gulp 2.png


Retracting Swing Auger

AGI Westfield's retracting swing auger offers the convenience of being able to extend, swing side-to-side and retract, without having to move or reposition the truck. The X-Tend was designed to work with the X13. It's fast and convenient!


  • Low profile hopper positions under grain trailers with ease

  • Hydraulic power swing with large lug tires, allow for precise positioning and maximum traction

  • Dual flighting channels grain flow into the swing tube matching the capacity of your X13 auger

Once a grain trailer is in position, the swing tube is extended. The power swing moves the low-profile hopper side-to-side, reaching the truck hoppers with ease. The X-tend then retracts to allow grain trailers to drive away.

X Tend.png
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