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The all new WCX3 has been designed to handle anything a farm throws at it. This farm commodity field loader is equipped to tackle tough jobs, like canola and fertilizer, with the help of its two belt scrapers, belt brush, and a turbo clean wash system.

When AGI Westfield says, "All New". they mean they have scrutinized the latest model from hopper to spout. This includes a redesigned S-Drive, increased belt take-up, new wider hopper, quick access guarding, new spout, and a whole new ergonomic command center including electronic throttle. The all new WCX3 also debuts the new IBEX Mover Kit with better traction, drop and go wheel system, pwerful motor and built-in braking system.

wcx 2.png

10" Tube | 15" Belt | Up to 10,000 BPH | 49' Length

  • All Grain Commodity System: Uses your conveyor on all seed types, including oil seeds, with confidence. One Conveyor works for all commodities, reducing the need to have multiple portable handling solutions.

  • Turbo Clean Wash System: Easy to use system washes belt after each use, removing debris and residue from tough to wash commodities like fertilizer or oil seeds. A cleaner belt reduces stress and wear, increasing belt longevity.

  • Belt Scrapers (2): Keeps the back of the belt clear of build up by reducing the amount of grain getting between the belt and the rollers. When less residue builds up, the belt is easier to keep clean, reducing downtime and replacement costs, while increasing belt life.

  • Belt Brush: Brush keeps grain from being pulled down the belt return after the belt leaves the discharge hood. Less grain coming back down the belt reduces the build-up, making it easier to keep clean, reducing downtime and increasing the longevity of your belt.

  • Urethan Hopper Seals: Urethane seals are precision made to seal the belt to the hopper bed. Keeps grain on the belt, reducing the chance of the grain spilling/leakage.

  • Innovative Hopper Geometry: Dimensionally works better for more end users. A lower hitch end profile allows the hopper to fit better under shorter bin unloads, while the intake is designed for maximum grain flow with the least amount of disruption along the sides

  • Parallel Hopper Cloth: The hopper stays 32" wide for the full working length of the bed. Empty your hoppers on your trailers fully without having to move the truck or conveyor

  • All New S-Drive: More built-in belt take-up. The take-up can now be easily adjusted with normal tools and end users no longer run the risk of over tightening the pinch roller bearings

  • IBEX Wheel Move (The Mountain Goat): The IBEX Wheel Move has a built-in braking system, better traction, 160-degree turning and a powerful motor. Save time by moving from hopper to hopper without repositioning the conveyor or truck. The new mover allows you to unhook from your pickup, start the motor, drop the wheel and begin moving where you need to be. With the majority of the conveyor weight on the single tire, greater traction is achieved - letting you go more places

  • Re-Engineered Hydraulic System: Designed to last longer, perform better (especially in winter), and keep the system clean with a filter while using Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF). The standard oil filter helps keep the oil system clean which means less oil changes and wear on the whole system. The new high-quality pump and motor gives better performance and longevity. the oil pump is easier to adjust and is located in an easier to access area making belt changes much faster.

  • Ergonomic Command Center: All the controls in one location. Easily operate the conveyor from one location, including the new electronic throttle, lights, start/stop, all hydraulics and the electric clutch

  • No-Nonsense Hood: Uses proper geometry to allow the grain to flow straight down into the truck. Trucks can line up straight under the discharge instead of off-center from the conveyor, eliminating the need for a downspout and increasing the capacity by decreasing the working angle.

  • Quick Access Guarding: Better form and function. Easily opens and closes for open access to drive systems, making regular maintenance far easier

  • Torsion Idlers for Belt Drive: No springs or adjustment rods and engine doesn't move to adjust belt tension. Allows for quick and easy replacement for the belts while the torsion idlers do all the work, making the whole system easier to use and maintain.

  • 2 Year Limited Warranty: Even in oil seeds, as long as proper clean out procedures are strictly followed. Gives end users piece of mind when choosing their protable handling solution.




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