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Westfield augers are better by design. Each auger is engineered and designed for its particular size, so things like weight and strength are properly proportioned, balance is correct, and everything fits and works like it should.
Westfield still gives you the biggest choice in the industry. Pick the exact size, capacity and drive style you want. Select from 8'' or 10'' diameters in lengths from 31' to 71'. Choose from PTO belt or shaft drive, gas motor, electric motor, and hydraulic drives depending on your needs and preference. 

WRX 8-56.jpg

WRX Truck Augers continue to raise the bar, featuring a solid tube drive guard that completely encloses the driveline, Wear Edge Technology™ on critical wear points to extend the life of the flighting, and five different drive systems to choose from to meet your specific needs. The WRX is available as an 8" or 10" truck auger and has many different lengths to choose from - while still delivering outstanding capacities.

When you compare design, construction and choice with price, we think you’ll agree Westfield gives you top value. A well built, well designed hard working auger that’s very economical. Isn’t that what you really want in an auger?

Drive Options

  • Motor Drive (MD): The engine mounts crosswise for easy starting from the side of the auger. The motor mount (for either gas engine or electric motor) is self-leveling at all auger positions keeping the motor at the correct working angle. Double belt drive with adjustable tension provides better traction and can be easily replaced. The motor drive does not have any gearboxes, so there are fewer moving parts. This means less time and money are spent on maintenance and repairs.

  • Electric Motor Drive (EMD): The electric motor is available for all models. The motor mounts firmly to the gear box and auger tube, keeping it in place and preventing damage. A double or triple belt drive (depending on the model) provides better traction. Positive belt tension can be achieved by using the threaded adjustment, ensuring the auger is performing at maximum capacity.

  • PTO Shaft Drive (PTO-SD): The gearbox is connected directly to the drive shaft and offers the convenience and flexibility of using it for left or right hand drive. The PTO-SD comes with a non-separable 60" PTO driveline that extends to 80" and includes a driveline transport saddle.

  • Hydraulic Drive: The hydraulic drive auger option uses the tractor hydraulics to run and has clips to hold hydraulic hoses during use and transport. This drive option provides a smooth, trouble-free option.

  • PTO Belt Drive (PTO-BD): The belt drive runs from the gearbox to the jack shaft near the auger wheels - keeping the auger intake away from the tractor. This allows for more working room and longer bin reach. The drive can be positioned to left or right hand drive and the non-separable 48" PTO can be extended to 68" and is guided by an anti-belt-whip. A driveline saddle holds the drive-in place when the auger is in transport.


  • Winch: Complete with an automatic brake, the hand winch is sized and geared to match each specific auger - giving you the power to raise and lower your auger manually.

  • Wear Edge Technology: Wear Edge Technology extends the life of your flighting, providing an extra layer of steel welded to critical wear points. As a result, flighting lasts longer and needs to be replaced less often - saving you time and money.

  • Intake: The shielded auger intake has a long one-pin, quick remove clevis that is easily replaced. Intake flight has welded Wear Edge Technology for long life with special low pitch for proven added capacity. Greaseable bushing centers flight reducing vibration and wear.

  • Flighting: The WRX Series uses one-bolt flight connections to ensure the flighting maintains proper alignment for smooth operation. The 8" models feature a round flighting connection and the 10" models use a square connection.

  • Gearbox: Our gearboxes have forged steel gears with tapered roller bearings running in oil for years of dependable service.

  • Lubricated Upper Drive: Heavy-duty hardened steel sprockets and high-speed roller chain are sized to match auger length and diameter. Lubricated upper drive extends the life of sprockets and drive chain.

  • Solid Tube Drive Guard: This completely enclosed driveline offers a cleaner look and better protection from the elements. This helps keep your driveline intact for longer, preventing costly repairs. Wood Bearings can still be replaced with split bearings.

  • Undercarriage: Undercarriages of heavy steel tubing are designed for each specific auger length for better balance and stability. Upper lift arms sit back from axle and quickly tuck away for excellent bin eave clearance. Wide axles provide added stability. High-speed wheels with cast iron hubs and tapered roller bearings come standard.


  • Hydraulic Winch: This high-capacity hydraulic wench comes complete with an automatic break and allows you to raise and lower the auger with ease.

  • Poly Hoppers: Corrosion resistant and lightweight poly hoppers allow for easy grain transfer with minimal spillage, providing a durable and flexible option.

  • Steel Intake Hoppers: The self-leveling steel intake hopper has a tapered transition neck to direct grain from the hopper into the auger, removable access plate for easy clean-out, a tow hitch and stabilizer bar. Optional wheel kit available.

  • Flex Spout: With five bucket sections, the flex spout directs grain flow and reduces spillage, so nothing is wasted. Available in polyethylene.

  • Wheel Kit: The Wheel Kit helps move the auger into position easily and works best when using a steel intake hopper.

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