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Chief Bucket Elevators Combine Safety & Strength

Our Head Section Minimizes
Breakage-Causing Impact Points

Components are manufactured to precise standards from heavy gauge materials to provide easy installation and strength. And Chief bucket elevators are designed for convenience with urethane liners, easy-open hinged discharge inspection doors, and head hood slide clamps.


For Optimum durability, our crown-faced slide lagged, or vulcanized rubber lagged head pulleys are fabricated to the stringent standards of the mining industry. Laggings are rate SOF (Static conducting, Oil resistant, & Fire retardant.)

  • Chief's exclusive staggered-head hood-to-housing connection forms a no-impact transition.

  • The discharge baffle is fabricated from UHMW (Ultra High Molecular Weight) plastic for extreme durability and spark resistance.

  • Urethane liners are constructed of 0.25" thick blue, wire backed, urethane, cut to fit and secured with heavy duty flat head specific hardware. Lining options include inlet hoppers, discharge hoppers, and elevator head assembly.

  • Ceramic liners for heavy duty use are constructed of 0.25" ceramic tile, tailored to fit the prepared surface area and are bonded to the steel with product specific adhesive. 

  • An explosion vent on the back hood side is provided for safety in case of unexpected combustion.

  • No-tool inspection door provides easy access to the discharge throat of the bucket elevator head.

  • Ball bearing or spherical pillow blocks help to withstand the most abrasive, corrosive conditions on all sizes of elevators. All shafts are at minimum, CR 1045 material, with UHMV shaft seals.

head pulley.png

Crown-Faced Slide Lagged Pulley

Staggered head.png

Staggered-Head Hood-To-Housing Connection

Discharge baffle.png

Discharge Baffle

No-Tool Inspection Door.png

No-Tool Inspection Door

Ball Bearing Pillow Block.png

Ball Bearing or Spherical Pillow Blocks

Heavy Duty Commercial Elevator Boot

Chief's commercial boot was designed with strength and durability in mind. Bucket elevators also have urethane liners, easy-open hinged discharge inspection doors, and head hood slide clamps.

Standard for 36" Pulleys & Larger

  • Welded and hot-dipped galvanized frame is constructed with structural angle support and 1/4" plates.
  • Generous 4" clearance below the bottom plate allows for greater accessibility.
  • Rack and pinion clean-out doors provide easier access for cleaning the boot.
  • The hand wheel can be moved to either side of the boot for added flexibility.
  • Spring-loaded cleanup safety catch keeps door securely open.
  • Side shovel pocket cover has a stainless hinge to prevent corrosion, and a weather and dust-tight seal.
  • Side shovel pocket makes it easy to feed loose grain that may have spilled around the boot area. The built-in grate helps to prevent foreign objects from being fed into the elevator.
(Note: Rubber latches need to be in place under normal operation.)
Commercial elevator.png

Pillow block bearings are used on both the head and boot and are either spherical or ball bearing design. The rugged shafts are of a minimum of CR 1045 material.

The trunking inspection door can be easily adapted for dust collection equipment.

Pillow Block Bearing.png

Pillow Block Bearing

Trunking Inspection Door.png

Trunking Inspection Door

Manual Take-Up Boot Sections & Assorted Trunk Sections

Standard for 30" Pulleys & Smaller

  • Unique hat section bottom panel located 2 1/4" (57.15mm) above ground level prevents grain from standing in shallow water.
  • Multiple boot section inspection doors allow for easy maintenance.
  • Inspection doors provide access to heavy duty drum or self-cleaning winged pulley.
  • 45 Degree clean-out sections on the end panels of each boot section are standard.
Boot Section.png
Chief Elevator Trunk Sections Install Easily

Chief Manufactures Several Types To Fit Your Exact Needs.

Thanks to precision engineering and manufacturing, the end sections of Chief elevator trunks are perfectly aligned for an easy and straight installation.

Trunk sections are available with bolted flanged seams which are bolted together at the factory to confirm straightness and compatibility.

If required, explosion vents are supplied on 20' (6096mm) centers in the up and down leg trunking, with an opening area that meets NFPA guidelines.*

*Consult with local authorities to verify explosion venting requirements for each application.

Elevator Trunk.png
  • 5' (1524mm) or 10' (3048mm) inspection sections have heavy duty welded frames with removable panels for easy belt and bucket maintenance.
  • Models 42-20, 48-30, and 48-50 use 10' (3048mm) inspection sections. All other models use 5' (1524mm) inspection sections.
  • A single boot inlet is standard. Lined boot inlets are optional.
  • Urethane lined discharge hoppers are available for smaller models and standard on larger models.
  • A wide variety of painted or galvanized distributors are available with your choice of spout diameter, outlet quantity with wire or electric controls.
  • Guy wire packages are available to meet the specific size and discharge height of the elevator.
  • A hinged inspection door lets you view the fill level of the buckets.
  • Polyethylene buckets are standard.
  • Steel, stainless steel, urethane, nylon or vented buckets are optional.
  • Head service and distributor platforms are available for all bucket elevators. All ladder packages and platforms comply with OSHA standards. A lockable access door is added to all ladder packages.
Hinged Inspection Door.png

Hinged Inspection Door

Lockable access door.png

Polyethylene Buckets

Lockable Access Door

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