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Chief Has the Stiffened or Unstiffened Bin to Meet Your Exact Grain Storage Needs.

Each Chief bin is precision engineered to provide outstanding strength, reduced material costs, easier installation, and optimum grain protection. With Chief bins you are assured of receiving the right solution for your unique grain handling needs.

Available in diameters of 15'6" (4.7m) to 49'6" (15.1m) and overall heights of 18' 4" (5.6m) to 50' (15.2m), there's a Chief stiffened or unstiffened bin to fit the needs of any farm operation.

Chief Sidewall Packages are Built to Last

Corrugated Steel Sidewalls

  • Sidewalls are created from high quality 20 through 8 gauge galvanized steel with tensile strength up to 70 ksi (483 MPa) for increased load capacities.
  • 4.714" (11.97 cm) peak-to-peak corrugation of sidewalls is 3/4" (1.905 cm) wider than those of the closest competition, reducing the chance for material to collect on the inner walls.
  • Chief's 42.5" (107.7 cm) sidewalls increase load capacities and require less hardware than the 32" (81.28 cm) sidewall sections of competing bins. 
  • The sidewall steel has a G115 (350g/m2) galvanized coating that provides over 28% more corrosion resistance than the G90 (275g/m2) industry standard.
  • The unique corrugation has a hill-and-valley bolting system using large grade-8 bolts with conical sealing washers and serrated flange nuts. This gives the bins additional strength to better handle larger vertical load capacities, taller sidewall heights, and more down augers than most competing bins.

Anchor System Provides a Solid Base

By firmly anchoring the stiffeners and sidewalls solidly to the foundation, Chief stiffened and unstiffened farm bins provide strong resistance to lateral movement and uplift. Chief offers two anchor system model, depending on the size of the bin.

Chief Stiffened Farm Bins Offer Optimum Strength

Chief "W" Stiffeners Lead the Competition in Strength

Chief Stiffened bins feature exclusive exterior "W" stiffeners that are designed to bear almost twice the weight of other stiffener designs. Designed to support the vertical load, the "W" stiffener system provides additional strength allowing sidewall heights to exceed 100 feet (30.48 m). It also enables our bins to easily support overhead catwalks and conveyors.

Plate-to-plate connections provide positive load transfer down the stiffener column, eliminating complex shear-loading splicing. Unique "W" stiffeners on the bin's exterior help prevent grain from accumulating on the inside walls. 

Top of the Line Roof Systems

The roofs on Chief Agri grain bins are engineered to provide additional storage capacity, optimum protection against the elements, and easier access to loading the grain.

Chief V-Rib Roof

Chief's V-Rib roof design uses over 30% more roof ribs than leading competitors, providing a cover of exceptional strength for smaller bins without a structured roof. Grain bins through 27'10" (8.5 m) diameter have a 2.5" (6.35 cm) depth. Bins from 30'11" (9.4 m) - 49'6" (15.1 m) diameter have a 4" (10.16 cm) rib depth. V-Ribs roofs are of the same G140 high quality galvanized steel as our commercial Roof.

Vents and Roof Fans

Chief offers one of the industry's most complete exhaust lines. All vents install easily and are designed to minimize build-up of ice and foreign materials. Pre-punched roof panels make installation quick and easy!

Pre Punched GN Roof Panel 2 1080x970.JPG

Convenient Door Access Options

Chief offers one-ring double-portal frame doors or two-ring walk-thru doors. The door frames are all galvanized for superior corrosion resistance.

One-Ring Doors

One-ring frame doors measure a generous 26" (0.66m) wide by 38" (0.96m) tall. Standard for stiffened bins.

Two-Ring Door.png

Two-Ring Doors

Chief's large "easy-walk" door measures 26" (0.66m) wide x 62" (1.57m) tall. With no brackets or hooks attached to the entry frame, a person can move through the door without fear of catching on obstructions.

The Ultimate in Grain Protection

Easy Latch System

The easy latch system on the inside and outside panels allow entry without the need for any tools. The lockable outside cover secures the contents and protects against unauthorized entry.

Roof Stairs

Chief bins offer stairs with handrails that make accessing the bin's midsection and peak safer and more convenient.

Easy Latch.png
Roof Stairs.png

Padlocked Ladder Access

This optional safety feature prevents unauthorized access to the ladders.

Padlocked ladder access.png
Bin Stairs.png

Bin Stairs, Ladders, & Platforms

Chief offers optional bin stairs as well as standard inside/outside ladders, platforms, and safety cages. All are galvanized and meet OSHA requirements.

Five Year Limited Warranty

Chief farm bins are covered by a 5 year limited warranty – one of the best in the industry! Bin accessories are covered by a 1 year limited warranty.

For more information about our warranties, contact us today.


Through strategic partnerships and strong vendor relationships, Chief Agri/Industrial can source and supply a variety of products to complete your project. 

Grain Unload Systems 

We can offer for your system a full line of Sudenga products. From Sweep and Unload Augers, Portable Augers, and a variety of other grain handling accessories.

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