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Portable Grain Dryers

When drying capacities exceed the ability of a standard in-bin dryer, you can depend on FFI Portable Dryer lineup to fulfill practically an on-farm drying need. Because every dryer they produce is thoroughly tested throughout the manufacturing process, you can be sure that when it's time for on-farm installation, your dryer will be up and running quickly and efficiently.

Whether you grow corn, soybeans, or small grains, FFI single, double, or triple module Portable Dryers allow you to start harvesting your grain earlier at higher moisture levels, increasing yields and improving profits. You'll shorten wait time during drying, minimize weather risks, and reduce dry matter and head shatter loss.

FFI Portable Dryers are designed to provide the capacity you need in a footprint your layout can handle. The single module models can be upgraded to 1,160 BPH at 5-point removal All Heat without changing the layout of the load or discharge equipment. Our stack models can be upgraded to 2,450 BPH at 5-point removal Dry & Cool or 4,000 BPH All Heat (with limited colling bin size and special management) without changing the footprint or concrete foundation. And because they are scalable, you can begin with a simple system that moves grain by an auger or a more advanced system that incorporates an overhead wet bin, drag conveyors and bucket elevators.

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The Inverter Advantage

Moving Grain for Consistent, Even Drying

To promote even, consistent drying, higher test weights, and to reduce operating costs, add a patented Grain Inverter option to your stack dryer package.

How It Works

The Grain Inverter redirects the warmest grain from the inside of the column to be next to the wettest grain at the outside of the column, where it is dried by the captured heat which would have otherwise escaped the dryer.

By inverting all but outside two inches of grain from the outside of the grain column to the inside, this process maintains optimal grain temperature and maximizes grain quality while using less fuel and significantly reducing operating costs.

In addition, the convenient clean-out door makes maintenance quick and easy.

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Metering Rolls with VFD

Proven, Consistent Unload

Metering rolls with AC Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) provide a gentle flow of grain to the auger. The AC Metering Motor with VFD allows you to set unload speeds without the need for time-consuming calibration. AC motors are considerably more durable and require limited maintenance.

Standard 7" diameter metering rolls unload more evenly over the entire width of the column, making the need for grain column adjustments unnecessary. This proven design allows material to flow easily, resulting in a smooth transition from your dryer to your handling system.


Portable Grain Dryer Features

Static Moisture Sampler

Take your moisture sample accuracy to a new level with the Static Moisture Sampler. Featuring debris guards to ensure a trash-free, accurate sample, our sampler takes readings only when the grain is static and not flowing. Using FFI's patented discharge auger to ensure that a true cross section of the grain is sampled, a reading is taken once per minute. Based on more accurate moisture readings, your dryer adjusts to provide optimal results. FFI's sampling innovation moves the grain with air, not with gear boxes, pulleys, belts, or other conventional moving parts. The sampling chamber is blown empty, completely cleaning it after every cycle.


High Efficiency Burners

Efficiency Burner.png

Wherever you farm, whatever the weather conditions, FFI's high-efficiency burners are proven to provide even heat and deliver maximum airflow to the dryer's plenum. Single module dryers are equipped with high-quality ASCO valves. MAXON gate valves are the primary main gas supply valves on stackable dryers. An electronic ignition system monitors the burner, and a view window provides easy observation of the burner while in operation. Features include, easy-to-adjust vaporizer, large service access door and oil-filled gas pressure gauges.

Exclusive On/Off Fire

Only available and standard on GSI and FFI dryers, On/Off Fire offers a wider range of plenum temperature control, down to five degrees above ambient temperature, for wheat and other temperature-sensitive grains.

Largest Grain Holding Capacity

Apply excessive heat and you compromise grain quality. Larger grain column holding makes achieving rated drying capacity more likely. Drying grain too fast or too slow with the wrong air flow results in low quality grain and/or decreased efficiency. FFI dryers provide the optimal balance between the heat level, retention time and airflow for best grain quality and efficiency.

Even Heat & Grain Quality

High/Low Fire cycling helps maintain a uniform plenum temperature. the 14" wide columns hold the maximum amount of grain while minimizing the difference from the inside to the outside of the column. Each plenum chamber also has an air-mixing chamber to thoroughly mix the air and heat and to shield the grain columns from infrared damage. Multiple heat zones in two-fan and larger model dryers put the hottest air on the highest moisture grain where a grain inverter is not installed.

High Low Fire.png
Fan 3.png

Optimized Airflow

In all dryer models the airflow is sized to match the basket to achieve consistent airflow and capacity.

Even Heat & Grain Quality

More efficient than centrifugal fans, axial fans with composite polymer blades allow for a very low starting load which extends motor life and requires no rebalancing during the life of the dryer.

Additional benefits include high air flow across a wide static pressure range, quiet operation and reduced energy cost.

More Features

  • Low-profile, Fold-Up Wet Bin

    • Perforated wet bin maximizes the pre-heating of grain.

  • Level Auger with Dura-Edge Flighting

    • 30% thicker than regular flighting for longer life

  • Turnbuckle Belt Tightener

    • For easy tensioning and maintenance

  • Three-Piece Sidewall Panel Screens

    • Each sidewall panel - top angle, bottom angle and side sections - is available in optional stainless steel to offer long-lasting protection against rust and corrosion.

  • FFI's Proven Burners

    • Even heat with maximum airflow.

  • Air Mixing Chambers

    • Thoroughly mix heat and air before it enters the drying chamber. Mixing vanes eliminate hot spots and create a more uniform plenum temperature.

  • Distribution Board/Circuit Box

    • Industrial-grade IEC-rated contractors, breakers and overloads ensure durability and quality while the provided load and unload auxiliary contractors help reduce installation costs.

  • Circuit Breaker

    • Non-service rated safety disconnect circuit breaker integrated into door handle for safe, economical installation and maintenance.

  • Composite Polymer Fan Blades

    • Industry-best performance in air flow to electrical consumption.

  • The Industry's Most Advanced Dryer Control System

    • Vision controls touchscreen display for easier operation.

  • Adjustable Flow Gates

    • Allow customized control of grain volume in each column for more consistent drying when grain quality is poor, and debris is present.

  • Make a Smooth Transition from Dryer to Grain Handling Equipment

    • Meter roll with AC Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) allows material to flow easily resulting in less clogging.

  • Discharge Auger Clean-Out Doors

    • Operated by lever outside of dryer-frame, making opening the auger clean-out doors quicker and easier.

  • Large Plenum Clean-Out Doors

    • Column doors designed to allow for easy access and clean out.

Proven Design for Ease of Use

New! Taller Rear Access Door

The new 29"x72" access door used on modules with a single fan and 29"x48" used on 60/40 split 2-fan modules greatly improve accessibility and safety when entering the plenum of the dryer.

Rear Access Door.png

8" Dura-Edge Auger Flighting

Auger Flighting.png

All FFI augers feature Dura-Edge 8" diameter flighting with a 1/4" ribbon, and an outside edge that is 30% thicker than regular flighting. Only GSI and FFI augers are double flighted at the intake end; this proven design is durable for a longer life, increased dependability and ease of maintenance.

Rear Discharge Auto-Shutdown

In the event of takeaway system stoppage, the auto-shutdown activates to eliminate equipment damage. the automatic discharge shutdown operates off of a hinged lid switch at the rear 2' discharge extension. Shutdown is activated when grain overfills the discharge auger, which forces the lid open.

Collect a Sample.png


The manual Collect-A-Sample enables you to sample the same grain that runs across the moisture sensor used to control the dryer, allowing the most accurate reading and ensuring your dryer is running to optimum performance.

Improved Ladder Design

The standard ladder package for FFI Portable Dryers has been redesigned to meet the latest OSHA specifications. FFI ladders feature heavy-duty construction and slip-resistant patterns to provide extra grip in wet conditions.

Improved Ladder Design.png


Stacked dryers include platform(s) on the upper modules with optional platforms for the bottom module as well as the top and side service platforms.

X-Stream Dryers

Maximum Efficiency, Unsurpassed Quality

Fans and heaters on most traditional dryers are mounted on the same end of the dryer. The optional X-Stream dryer design features fans and heaters mounted in a staggered configuration on opposite ends of the dryer. With this design, the X-Stream delivers more uniform heat throughout the entire dryer, regardless of column location. The result is a higher quality grain that is more evenly dried at a lower cost and up to a 10% grain in efficiency.

Unparalleled Performance

For even greater performance and the highest efficiency possible, add the optional grain inverters. Combined, the grain inverters and the X-Stream stack dryer dry again evenly from the front to back and across the entire column without the loss of usable heat. This combination of exclusive features gives you the most efficient portable dryer on the market.

Noise Supressor.png

Noise Suppressor

While most situations do not require the Noise Suppression System, for those who want their dryer to be ultra-quiet, the optional Noise Suppression System will reduce the noise level at 15' to one-fourth the OSHA 8-hour exposure limit - even quieter than the competitive centrifugal fan models.

Ultra Quiet

High tech noise absorption material maximizes noise reduction. Reduces decibels at 15' from 93 dB to 82 dB, lowering noise significantly from the original level. Quieter than competitive dryers with centrifugal fans by 3 dB.

Durable, Long Lasting

Self-supporting, galvanized and powder coat steel outer construction for long life.

Ease of Installation, Maintenance

Easy to install with minimal time and effort. Open top and bottom allow for easy service and maintenance of fans and motors. Retrofits on all previous GSI and Fram Fans axial fan dryers.

Heat Reclaimer

On multi-fan dryers, the Heat Reclaimer reduces the amount of heat lost when operating in Dry & Cool mode and recycles it, reducing fuel consumption and lowering operating costs by as much as 30%.

Open ductwork is optimally sized for no capacity loss as it prevents accumulation of fine material. Sized to reduce air velocity, very little chaff or air debris is pulled into the dryer.

A Heat Reclaimer can be integrated with GSI's Noise Suppressor System.

Heat reclaimer.png

FFI Quiet Dryer

Quiet & Efficient

The Quiet Dryer uses a best-in-class, commercial grade blower - this is the same blower used in Zimmerman tower dryers - without any loss in capacity or airflow, and with comparable electrical efficiency to FFI vane axial fan portable dryers. This patent-pending feature, combined with the proven star-fire burner used on existing vane axial FFI portable dryers, provides an efficient delivery of airflow to the burner.


With a higher grain throughout than centrifugal fan portable dryers, the FFI Quiet Dryer is a quieter, efficient solution to drying.

Single Dryer.png

Single Plenum Quiet Dryer (Q100 Series)

Now Available in Dry/Cool

The Dry/Cool Quiet Dryer features a single blower and two plenums, available in either a 60/40 or 50/50 split. This unique, patent-pending, superior engineered design allows for airflow to be optimized in both the upper and lower plenums, which maximizes capacities from model to model; and also provides ultimate flexibility to be operated in any mode - all heat, dry, & cool, continuous flow or batch - at a very competitive price.

Stacked Quiet Dryers

FFI Stacked Quiet Dryers use a dry/cool 50/50 lower module. Like all models in the FFI Quiet Dryer line, they are 50% quieter than vane axial stacked portable dryers, with no loss in capacity and even, consistent plenum pressures.

Dry Cool Dryer.png

Dry/Cool Quiet Dryer (Q200 Series)

Stacked Dryer.png

Stacked Quiet Dryer (Q200, Q300, Q400, Q600 Series)

You Have to Hear it to Believe It

Noise is a common occupational hazard and around the farm, your grain system is a high-level source. the first time you hear a FFI Quiet Dryer, you'll realize just how much the reduced noise level and improved tone increase the comfort level of the work area. The FFI Quiet Dryer is 50% quieter than vane axial portable dryers, and with a frequency centered in the 1,000 Hz range, it produces a more comfortable, less harsh tone.

Screenshot (11).png

Vision Network Dryer Controls

The Industry's Most Advanced Dryer Control System

The unique Vision Network Dryer Control system is designed to take the guesswork out of operating your FFI Portable Dryer. Vision provides more dryer performance information than any other control system in the industry. With a quick glance, you can see the operating status of augers, fans, and heaters on the large, easy-to-read color touchscreen. On-screen temperature and moisture-based controls let you modify and manage plenum and grain temperatures quickly and easily.

Switching from high/low to on/off fire and other exclusive FFI features, along with many common features, is quick and simple. And Vision can be easily remote mounted up to 1,000 feet away from the dryer by using a simple seven-wire harness.

Vision Network.png

System Features

  • 10.4" TFT diagonal color screen with touch screen control

  • 32-Bit microprocessor control

  • Standard with 13 different language capabilities, including English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Polish, Portuguese, Dutch, Danish, Bulgarian, Czech, Hungarian, and Romanian.

  • Plenum temperature manager

  • Individual safety monitoring with status displayed on-screen

  • All shutdowns logged with time and date

  • Safety disconnects on every dryer

  • Low voltage safety circuit

  • Hour meter

Moisture Control

Every dryer with Vision is equipped with all the familiar legacy modes of moisture control. Easily select one of the five different modes that best fit your operation's needs, including two of our most common modes:

  • Temperature Based 5-Speed - This control uses grain temperature to determine the final moisture content. Best for all conditions when grain widely varies, the 5-Speed mode includes automatic speed averaging so that when moisture changes significantly, all five speeds will change accordingly to bring the operation back into sync with the output moisture.

  • Moisture Based Infinite Speed - Using the temperature and the two moisture sensors, this system controls the speed infinitely to manage the output moisture of the dryer.

Electrical Control Features

Each Vision system uses exclusive controls approved by Intertek ETL, a nationally recognized testing laboratory.

  • Built to UL 508a and CSA C22.2 No. 14 standards - Certified to U.S. and Canadian electrical requirements

  • IEC Branch Breakers - IEC controls are higher quality, rated for more cycles, and meet domestic and international electric codes. All dryers have branch breakers for each motor.

  • IEC Motor Overloads - IEC overloads allow a wide range of adjustments to accommodate variances in incoming voltage.

  • Auxiliary Auger IEC Contractors/Overloads - Load and unload auxiliary 10 HP motor branch circuits are standard. If load and unload horsepower are specified at time of order, GSI will install up to two larger properly sized breakers, contractors and overloads for your specific application at a reasonable cost.

  • Entrelec Terminals - Color-coded Entrelec terminals are used for all computer-control circuit connections, making for easy installation, diagnosis and service.

  • Safety Disconnect - Safety disconnects power from main panel servicing dryer controls, and also provides an easy connection point for incoming electric supply.


Dryer Start-Up Made Easy

What used to take 2 to 4 hours can now be done automatically. Simply input the incoming moisture of the grain, desired outgoing moisture and the grain type and hit start. Vision Auto-Start will manage and control the pre-drying of the grain and stage the operation of the dryer - so you don't have to.

Screenshot (12).png

Remote Dryer Control & Monitoring

Dryer Control - Safely Accessed From Anywhere

Wherever you are - at home, in the combine or at the local football game - the optional WatchDog System lets you take your Vision dryer control with you. Exclusively available at GSI, the smartphone compatible WatchDog provides you with all the information you need at any time, all from the same Vision interface you use on your dryer unit.

With the exception of starting up the dryer, WatchDog gives you the ability to remotely monitor and safely control dryer functions such as moisture, temperature and dryer status from any web-accessible device with no requirements to download or update an app.

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