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Caldwell Flush Floor Systems

Caldwell Flush Floor Systems are custom designed for each specific application. Choose from a panel grate system, corrugated sheeting system or Channellock plank system in the configuration that fits your needs. Available in a variety of sizes up to 10' wide, systems are perforated for unrestricted air flow. Caldwell will also design a custom fit to ensure proper air flow. Panel grates are available with I-beam supports (which incorporate a perforated web) for heavier loads. Flush floor systems are manufactured with modular components for ease of installation.

Flush Floor.png
2H Flush Floor.png

2H Flush Floor System

2T Flush Floor.png

2T Flush Floor System

4F Flush Floor.png

4H Flush Floor System

4I Flush Floor.png

4I Flush Floor System

Full Floor Systems

Caldwell Channellock floor systems are manufactured to help maintain the optimum quality of your grain. All Channellock floor planks are of galvanized steel and are manufactured to exacting specifications to insure proper fit, structural integrity, and proper airflow.

Floor systems are available in two different perforation sizes (0.094" or 0.050") to meet the drying and conditioning requirements for your specific commodity. With the option of 16-, 18-, or 20-gauge material in the 0.094" perforated floor planks, Caldwell floors are engineered to handle grain depth of up to 110 ft.

Floor supports are available in either airframe or Channellock supports to be used with both 13" & 17" floor applications. Channellock supports are available in 16- or 18-gauge galvanized material.

Full Floor.png
Airframe Supports.png

Airframe Supports

Channellock Supports.png

Channellock Supports

Perforated Flooring

A Stronger Floor with One of the Best Drying Systems

Chief is the exclusive distributor of ALL SIZE Perforated Flooring. Paired with Chief Bins and Caldwell Fans, you get a system that installs quick and will maintain your grain for many years to come.

Perforation Sizes

In the areas where canola or other small seed crops are part of the rotation, the 0.050" is the most popular aeration floor for flat bottom bins. The 0.050" flooring has 15.69% open area.

The 0.094" floor is the perfect choice for cooling and drying corn, sunflowers, and other large seed crops. With 16.75% more open area, the 0.094" can blow a lot of hot air for a small price.

Shallower corrugations in our floors allows for easier bin clean-out. Bin sweeps are able to clean the floor more completely than other floors. Other floors' deeper corrugations cause sweeping out your bin to be much more difficult. Grain is constantly being trapped in the floor and pushed down, which means more sweeping time for you. ALL SIZES flooring makes it quick and simple.

0.050 Perf Floor.png

0.050" Perforated Floor System

0.094 Perf Floor.png

0.094" Perforated Floor System

Syntiro Support

Syntiro Support.png

Syntiro's locking feature allows the supports to be quickly connected and provides strength and support without movement. When overlapping supports, our spring steel clips keep the supports together. their easy clip-on style will not pop off during installation because of the jagged teeth that grip the metal for a secure lock.

steel clips 2.png
steel clips.png

The Syntiro support system is the latest in aeration floor supports. The quick connections and long spans mean a fast and easy install. Engineered to aid in efficient airflow, the Syntiro system uses half the typical number of support rows. Even with fewer supports, ALL SIZE floors can handle much more load than similar supports. After installing, the flooring simply lays flat on the support without having to snap in, allowing faster install. Supports are 11 5/8" tall allowing for auger tunnels.

Syntiro Support 2.png
Syntiro Support 3.png

Finish It Off

The 20" ALL SIZE ribbed flashing is spliced for smaller diameter bins and non-spliced for larger bins. The perforated ribs allow consistent airflow as well as superior strength when a bin sweep is used.

The "T" track flashing bridges the gap between your ALL SIZE floor and any flat surface like auger clean-out tunnels, and pits.

20" ALL SIZE Ribbed Flashing

ALL SIZE ribbed flashing.png
T track flashing bridges.png

"T" Track Flashing 

Caldwell Floors Are Engineered To Handle Grain Depths Of Up To 110' (33.52m)!

Available Floor Perforation Sizes Per Gauge:

  • 20 Gauge

    • 0.094" (0.24cm)

    • 0.050" (0.13cm)

  • 18 Guage

    • 0.094" (0.24cm)

    • 0.054" (0.14cm)

  • 16 Gauge

    • 0.094" (0.24cm)

Floor Supports Are Available in:

  • Airframe Design

  • Channellock Design

    • 13" (33.02cm) floor depth

    • 17" (43.18cm) floor depth

    • 16-gauge galvanized material

    • 18-gauge galvanized material

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