Built for Durability, Longetivity, and Capacity

AGI Westfield‘s redesigned truck auger has been engineered to withstand the demands of farming today. The STX2 was built for durability, longevity and capacity. With the STX2 , you’ll get the job done fast.


  • STX2 is designed with end users in mind. The self-leveling motor maintains proper tension at all heights, once the auger is raised into position to provide better traction. Less slippage means you can get the job done faster. 

  • The drive shaft bearings are constructed of durable, oil impregnated hardwood for long, quiet operation and can be easily replaced if needed. The bearing brackets are factory jig welded to ensure precise alignment. The chain tensioner on the top drive can be easily adjusted and provides consistent chain drive tension.

STX2 Auger.jpg


  • The STX2 is able to come with a Self-Propelled Kit and a Self-Propelled Heavy-Duty Mover Kit. The Self-Propelled Heavy-Duty Mover Kit features all-wheel drive, hydraulic steering, and rugged all-terrain tires capable of handling tough terrain and yards. A breeze to move around the yard thanks to it’s joystick steering, the Self-Propelled (SP) kit also automatically adjusts the intake height when auger discharge is raised or lowered.

  • With the STX2 you are able to select from 8" or 10" Diameters by lengths from 31'-51'. The STX2 features 12 GA tubing on 10" models, a heavy-duty motor mount designed to handle high horsepower, heavy auger engines, giving you the flexibility to use the engine you want.

  • With the use of double banded belts that are molded together as one to transfer maximum power from the engine to the gearboxes to maintain consistent speed when the auger is running. To ensure optimal performance is achieved with longer units, the 10" in 46' and 51' lengths use triple banded belts.