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Built for Durability, Longetivity, and Capacity

  • STX2 8: 31', 36', 41', 46', & 51' Up to 3,500 BPH

  • STX2 10: 31', 36', 41', 46', & 51' Up to 5,500 BPH

AGI Westfield‘s redesigned truck auger has been engineered to withstand the demands of farming today. The STX2 was built for durability, longevity and capacity. With the STX2 , you’ll get the job done fast.

STX2 Auger.jpg

Built for Durability

The STX2 features 12-gauge tubing on 10" models, a heavy-duty motor mount designed to handle high horsepower, heavy auger engines, giving you the flexibility to use the engine you want.

The flighting includes Wear Edge Technology, which provides an extra layer of steel welded to the edge at critical wear points to extend the life of your flighting.

The purpose-built hose routing provides a cleaner, sleeker look and protects the hoses from the elements, along with the powder coat paint which protects and provides a long-lasting durable finish.

Heavy-duty hardened steel sprockets and high-speed roller chain are sized to match auger length and diameter, to help your auger perform at its best. A lubricated upper drive extends the life of sprockets and drive chain.

10" models use square, one-bolt flight connections to ensure flighting maintains proper alignment for smooth operation.

Designed for High Capacity

The STX2 uses double banded belts that are molded together as one to transfer maximum power from the engine to the gearboxes to maintain consistent speed when the auger is running. To ensure optimal performance is achieved with longer units, the 10" in 46' and 51' lengths use triple banded belts.

Developed for Ease-of-Use

STX2 is designed with users in mind. The self-leveling motor maintains proper tension at all heights, so there is no need to reset the belt tension once the auger is raised into position to provide better traction. Less spillage means you can get the job done faster. The electric clutch with remote allows you to start and stop the auger without shutting down the gas engine drives.

AGI Westfield has redesigned their mover kit to make set up as easy as possible. A breeze to move around the yard thanks to its joystick steering, the Self-Propelled (SP) kit also automatically adjusts the intake height when auger discharge is raised or lowered.

Low Maintenance

The drive shaft bearings are constructed of durable, oil impregnated hardwood for long, quiet operation and can be easily replaced if needed without disassembling the drive shaft. The bearing brackets are factory jig welded to ensure precise alignment. The chain tensioner on the top drive can be easily adjusted and provides consistent chain drive tension, helping to prolong the life of the chain.

Convenient - Easy to Transport

The STX2 features a quick detach tow hitch that can be stored on the auger so it's ready to go when you need it. Moving around the yard is even easier with optional Self-Propelled mover kit, or standard mover kit.

Options & Accessories

  • Self-Propelled Heavy Duty Mover: This Self-Propelled (SP) heavy-duty mover kit features all-wheel drive, hydraulic steering, and rugged all-terrain tires capable of handling tough terrain and yards. This narrow, more compact design allows better access to larger diameter hopper bins and offers drive controls situated closer to the motor to further increase reach under large hoppers. This new mover kit allows for a much sharper turning radius for quicker and easier repositioning. Hydraulic steering comes standard.

  • Steel Hydraulic Lines: Steel hydraulic lines with ORB fittings on the cylinder create a cleaner look and reduces risk of leakage.

  • Electric Clutch with Remote Control: The electric clutch with remote control starts and stops the auger without shutting down the gas engine drives and is easy to install.

  • Reversing Gearbox: The reversing gearbox allows the auger to be reversed at all angles and includes the linkage and lockout for easy clean-out.

  • Poly Hoppers: Poly hoppers are durable and flexible providing easy grain handling with minimum spillage. Two sizes available: regular poly hopper for 8" augers and a larger "V" hopper for 10" augers.

  • Poly Flex Spout: The durable poly flex spout features a five-section flex bucket designed to withstand the elements. Poly spouts help direct grain and prevent spillage, so nothing is wasted.

  • Steel Intake Hopper: The steel intake hopper is self-leveling and has a tapered transition that works with the flighting to direct the flow of grain from the hopper to the auger. The steel intake hopper has a removable access plate for easy clean-out and the flighting features Wear Edge Technology. The steel intake hopper comes complete with tow hitch. An optional wheel kit is available and allows the height to be adjusted for positioning.

  • LED Working Lights: LED working lights are mounted to the auger to provide extra lighting in low-light situations, allowing you to work longer when needed.

  • Enclosed Hopper: The new enclosed hopper is a cost-effective option that delivers ease-of-use and maximized efficiency. The hopper mounts over your existing intake cage and releases with the removal of two hitch pins. A removable access door makes for easy clean-out. Comes complete with tow hitch.


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