Modular Bolted Bin Systems

For over 50 years, industries throughout the world have turned to Chief Lemanco storage systems for the storage and gravity retrieval of dry bulk materials. Pre-engineered and custom configured for efficient, economical and reliable service, these systems are ideal for storing feed ingredients, grains, aggregates, fertilizers and most dry bulk materials. Chief Lemanco storage systems can be designed to meet equipment loading requirements either above the bin roof or on the mezzanine floors in the main support structure.


Strength and Durability

  • Chief Lemanco storage systems can store dry bulk materials with densities up to 150 lbs/ft³ (2403 kgs/m³).
  • Bin components are 28% stronger due to the use of high strength steel 50ksi (345 Mpa) yield strength) vs. commercial grade steel 36ksi (248Mpa) yield strength.
  • Durability is increased by 25% for interior and exterior bin components using a G115 (2 mil thickness) zinc coating vs. a G90 (1.5 mill thickness) zinc coating.

Fast and Efficient Installation

  • The overlap of the side sheets has a single row of holes allowing more sidewalls to be assembled on the ground and lifted into place
  • There are fewer components to assemble
  • Tier height is 42" (106.7 cm)
  • Bin compartments have chamfered corners
  • Hopper flashing is bolted directly into the bin assembly

Bin System Options

  • Structural steel supports are designed to meet seismic categories and wind loadings per IBC 2012. All structural members are fully coated. A325 fasteners are included.
  • Standard man ways are vented (including filter media and bird screen) and made of galvanized steel.
  • Standard safety equipment includes ladders, cages, platforms safety gates and handrails that meet OSHA requirements.
  • Standard hoppers are one-piece, with a 60-degree slope and internal corner chamfers. Exterior is coated with enamel and interior with linseed oil. Chief welded one-piece hoppers do not require field assembly.
  • Standard adaptors are 2-to-1 and/or 4-to-1, welded and coated with enamel on exterior and linseed oil on interior.
  • Standard suspended weigh hoppers come in 6', 7', or 8' (1.83m, 2.13m, 2.44m) sizes with flare tops or header boxes/covers, including canvas connectors and vents with filters. Support frame, shafts, wheels and drive package are provided for weigh lorries. Exterior is coated with enamel and interior with linseed oil.

Bin Accessories

Choose from Z-girts, purlins, and siding (available in standard colors) to enclose and protect your equipment and personnel from the elements. Chief Lemanco Storage Systems can be designed for various head house options with head house columns anchored into the vertical bin columns for maximum stability.

  • Discharge gates with pneumatic, electric or manual actuated mechanisms
  • Fully enclosed gates
  • Micro ingredient batching system
  • Fully cladded exterior with a variety of color options
  • Mezzanine Floors
6' Square (1.83m Square)