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Introducing the MKX 130 Series, available in 64' - 114' lengths with capacity up to 11,000 BPH.

The MKX offers over 75 proven performance enhancements including: precision engineered auger flighting, commercial strength frame and trussing and easier-to-use hopper, guaranteeing unmatched dependability and serviceability.

In order to design the best auger we've ever built, we utilized our world-class manufacturing facility and highly skilled research and development team. The MKX 130 Series was 12,000 R&D hours and four years in the making, employing a dedicated testing center for auger capacity and durability testing.


  • Powder Coat Paint: Westfield uses a premium powder coat on all painted parts for durability and a great looking finish.

  • Track: Continuous 1/4" track welded to tube for increased stability and structural support.

  • A-Frame Undercarriage: Heavy-duty A-Frame undercarriage for stability and long-lasting performance.

  • Extendable Axles

    • Wide stance for stable operation at the bin

    • Adjustable axle extensions for reduced transport width (84', 94', & 114')

  • Steel Trussing: Trussing provides maximum strength and stability at all heights. Steel trussing on 84', 94', & 114' units increase tube rigidity and ensure smooth operation.

  • Wear Edge: Continuous 10-gauge ribbon welded to flighting edge where most of the wear occurs. Standard on all MKX 130 Series augers at critical grain transfer points.

  • Flight Connection: Square one bolt flight connection provides improved performance.

  • Hopper Lift Arm: Can be quickly changed from the left or right hand side of the auger to give the operator the convenience of unloading on both sides.

  • Sealed Boot Transition: Improves grain flow and increases capacity while protecting the gear boxes from rain and corrosion.

  • Tapered Boot with Large Clean Out: Maintains maximum capacity when the auger is raised to its highest position. Can be easily opened and cleaned out without tools.

  • Removable Boot Flight: Removable boot flight with wear edge to improve performance and durability of lower flighting.

Features & Options

MKX 130 Swing Hopper with Solid Tires

The 10.5" low profile hopper has all the performance standards you have come to expect from Westfield.

  • Featuring:

    • Left and right hand flighting

    • Solid hopper tires

    • U-joints with external grease points for easy service

    • Hinged chain cover for quick inspection

    • 6" one piece rubber extension to prevent grain splashing

Optional Features

  • Flex Spouts: Directs grain flow - reduces spillage. Available in poly plastic or galvanized metal.

  • Corn Screen: Up to 4' long. Available on all models. Factory installed on the swing hopper tube.

  • Right Angle Drive: Assists operation in limited space situations. Allows a full arc on opposite side of tractor.

  • 1000 PTO Drive: Allows operations with high horsepower tractors (reverser included). Required for 1000 RPM tractors.

  • Reverser Kit: Ability to reverse all flighting. Allows quick and easy clean out.

Power Swing

Get the job done faster with Westfield's Power Swing.

  • Available in 12V Electric or Hydraulic Drive, the Power Swing Features:

    • Top wind jack to adjust wheel traction

    • Large lug tires for positive grip

    • Two wheel drive design

    • Easy installations

  • Remote 12V Electric Power Swing

    • Heavy-duty 12 volt motor

    • Position hopper from cab of truck

    • Large "easy grip" remote

    • Secondary control on tube if remote is not available

  • Hydraulic Power Swing

    • Hydraulic drive moves swing hopper

    • Convenient tube mounted control valve

    • Complete with hydraulic hoses

No matter what your farm size, Westfield makes an auger model to meet your grain handling needs!





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