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Caldwell Offers the Industry's Most Complete Exhaust Line

All vents install easily and are designed to minimize build-up of ice and foreign material.


Gooseneck Bin Vent

2670 CFM (4536m3/h) hooded bin vent is 20% larger than standard hooded vents. Pre-punched roof panels make installation quick and easy!

Pre Punched GN Roof Panel 2 1080x970.JPG

Mushroom Vent

3750 CFM (6371m3/h) Caldwell mushroom bin vent is 42.8% larger than standard hooded vents. A rain and snow diverter provides optimum moisture control.

Roof Exhausters

18" 4000 cfm (6796m3/h) and 24" 10650 cfm (18094m3/h) (458mm to 610mm) roof exhaust fans available.

Roof Exhauster.png


Caldwell offers a wide variety of grain conditioning ducts for commercial and farm use, including custom designs. Caldwell provides aeration installation layouts.

Flush Floor Y System.png

Flush Floor Y System

Flush Floor Straight Run.png

Flush Floor Straight Run

Annular Corrugated Duct.png

Annular Corrugated Duct

Spiral Corrugated Duct.png

Spiral Corrugated Duct

Perforated Duct Y.png

Smooth Wall Round Perforated Duct in Y System

Perforated Duct Straight.png

Smooth Wall Round Perforated Duct in a Straight Run

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